Friday, 7 December 2018

Francis Brandywine

Hi, I have been in room 1 literacy class we have been working on what happened next in this short story of Francis Brandywine. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Setting teabags on fire?

In room 4 maths class we had to identify why empty teabags fly when there on fire. The cold air is more denser then hot air. Hot air has more energy then cold air. Heat rises because it has more energy and because heat rises it pushed the teabag up with it.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady Pink

Lady Pink/Sandra Fabara uses Line,Colour,Texture and Shape in her artwork to showcase woman rights. She focuses her career on empowering woman in her artwork. Which explains the woman in a lot of her artwork. Lady Pink was born in 1964 and started her graffiti career in 1979. She is one of the best female artist in the world. Here is some of her amazing artwork.Image result for lady pink graffiti

Friday, 2 March 2018

Explanation Writing - How to Save Money

Here is my writing for our topic of explanation. We had to highlight the cause/effect and time connectives.

Ways to save money

Do you ever struggle to save money?Is it hard to stay away from all of those goodies in the shops? Well here are some ways that could help you save money.
Firstly the best way to save money is to stick to a budget.Sticking to a budget will result in saving money because you will only be spending a little of money in addition still have some money left. Another way to stick to a budget is to not buy the most expensive thing although instead buy cheaper things For example:I need a shirt and I have $100. There is a Nike shirt on sale for $100 also a warehouse shirt for $15. It is best to choose the warehouse shirt the reason why is you’re saving more money.
Finally another way to save money is to buy needs.Needs play a good role in our lives. Needs are the first thing that you should get when you go shopping. For example:You get $20 for when you go play with your friends and spend it all on junk. If your gonna buy stuff don’t spend your money on junk spend it on food and drinks. If you want to save money you should save half of your pocket money and spend half on what you want.
I save money buy following these steps(example of what I did when I was following the steps) I went to the shop with $10.I saved $7 and because of this I can still buy a moosie at school everyday at morning tea for a week.Before you spend your money think twice about how you spend it.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Aspiration + Inspiration = Motivation

Today Mr. Andrew Patterson visited us.He taught us what A+I=M means. It means Aspiration+Inspiration=Motivation. Aspiration is like a big goal or something you really want to be or have. It is your goal for when you get older and you want to try achieve it. Inspiration is when you don’t think you can do something but then someone inspires you that you can do it. Someone can inspire you to do better or to be like someone else like your role model. Motivation is the things that makes you want to do things. It's if you like things things like rugby then you train. Rugby is what will motivate you to train and stuff that relate to what it takes to do whatever you want.

Be a giver
Mr. Patterson told us of a story on NZ herald and it had a year 7 boy that gave a homeless man his lunch money for 2 weeks straight and then that made that man have a home.The boy got a gold reward from the school and Mr. Patterson gave him a trip to wellington.


Means getting up when you're down. When nothing goods happening to you and it's a problem then you just keep going.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Floundering Project

On Wednesday the 27th of September 2017 Pt England school went out floundering.We went down past Riki Rd on the grass watching above the students as they fish for baby flounder.Flounder are flatfish and they are yum but that's not why we are catching them.We are catching them and then letting them go when they are bigger.

We were trying to catch at least 5 baby flounder but we caught over 20.The students that are fishing are catching the flounder with nets and it worked better than I expected.We were trying to catch at least 5 flounder so we could beat Kauri flats school.The whole school sang a waiata for safe fishing and so we can catch flounder.Then we did our school karakia: To the prevailing winds which ascend from afar.Towards a coastal tide carry with you our inner thoughts imprint them among the heavens. As a guiding constellation for the tasks ahead, to strengthen my journey each day each day amen.

Then we went back to school.